How far are you willing to go in the race for internet popularity? Would you buy a €1 lottery ticket for a shot at 25,000 new followers?

Belgian artist Dries Depoorter created the above scratch-off, which he says is fully functional. Depoorter explained in an email that he purchased thousands of “fake” followers on Twitter and Instagram from one of the many shady companies that create bots for that sole purpose, and will unload them on whoever finds the winning ticket. There are about 1,000 tickets total, and in addition to the 25,000-follower grand prize—which Depoorter says hasn’t been found yet—there are tickets yielding 100 and 1000 followers.

So far, Depoorter has only sold his scratch-offs at Internet Yami-ichi in Amsterdam, a kind of art- and web-centric flea market that ran in the Dutch capital earlier this month. He has no plans for selling them online, but if you’re truly desperate, you could always go straight to the source. This bot merchant, called InterTwitter, will sell you 1,000 nonhuman followers for $7.

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