Three years ago, Junaid Hussain was convicted of breaking into Tony Blair's online contact list and spreading it across the net—now, Reuters reports he's the top suspect behind the Islamic State fanboy "Cyber Caliphate" attacks.

Hussain, who allegedly moved from the UK to Syria to help fight for ISIS, could be doing his part to undermine the West via social media defacement:

Investigators believe that Hussain was the main individual behind a Twitter account that operated under the pseudonym Abu Hussain al Britani, according to the sources. That account was linked to CyberCaliphate after the group last week claimed responsibility for hacking the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico and WBOC, a Delaware television station


Alex Kassirer, an analyst with Flashpoint Global Partners, said Hussain led efforts by Islamic State to recruit "hackers for a CyberCaliphate.

Twitter accounts linked to Hussain have been repeatedly shut down by Twitter, only to pop up again and again—offering him a channel to deny these allegations:

The automatic rifle in his avatar certainly bolsters the "bad boy of Twitter" thing the Cyber Caliphate has going.