Reddit Removes "FatPeopleHate," "CoonTown" Still Cool Though

Jay Hathaway · 06/10/15 03:50PM

Reddit, a 10-year-old internet community with 3.3 million users, somehow just got around to announcing an anti-harassment policy last month. Now the site, which usually leaves moderation decisions up to the community, has taken its first stab at banning pernicious subreddits under the new rules. Five subreddits have been shuttered by reddit admins “based on their harassment of individuals,” the Reddit team announced Wednesday.

Year-Old Reddit Meme Sends Indonesian Police Into Panda Sex Panic

Andy Cush · 02/19/15 01:50PM

A Facebook alert from the public relations department of Indonesia's national police force warns parents of a scourge that may or may not be plaguing their nation: children wearing perfectly fashionable t-shirts that happen to feature an array of giant pandas making sweet, species-saving love to each other.

A Porn Site Invaded Reddit's Anti-Masturbation Community and Got Banned

Andy Cush · 01/21/15 01:00PM

Like several other adult sites, Pornhub employs a young woman who acts as the friendly public face of the company. She goes by Pornhub Katie, and she posts hardcore JPEGs and spunky commentary to the company's Twitter account, gives secret santa gifts to random internet users, and occasionally gets in trouble for telling an off-color joke. Unsurprisingly, she's very popular on Reddit. Or was—until she invaded the site's no-masturbation subreddit.