Across Wikipedia, dozens of articles on sex—from missionary position to mammary intercourse—are adorned by strikingly graphic illustrations from the same mysterious illustrator. Here, we've collected a few of the artist known only as Seedfeeder's greatest works.

Like Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling or Basquiat's early drawings on the New York City subway, Seedfeeder's illustrations have an intended context—Wikipedia articles about fucking—and they suffer for being removed from it. That said, if you're looking to see the best in one place, look no further.

Wiki-cumshot.png, featuring an uncanny Kris Jenner lookalike, features on the Wikipedia article for cum shot.

This romantic shot of a couple having fun with a toy turns up on pegging (sexual practice).

This image, titled Wiki-POV-pornography.png, illustrates the article on gonzo pornography.

This woman submerging her hand in her own vagina, illustrates fisting.

This anal missionary image turns up on sex position, missionary position, and top, bottom, and versatile.

Frotting shows two men rubbing their penises together.

In Tea bag (sexual act), a woman performs oral sex on her partner's scrotum.

Our Jenner doppelgänger turns up again on facial (sex act).

On the Anilingus page, we see a woman with her tongue in another woman's asshole.

Seedfeeder's double penetration illustration graces the "threesomes" section of the sex position page.

This illustration, from the "sitting and kneeling" section of the sex positions page, is among the only Seedfeeder images to feature an older-looking model.

Analoral.png shows anilingus as seen from the front, and can be seen on the "female to female" section of the anal sex page.