Sometimes the long arm of the law clutches you with nothing more than brute force and brawn. And sometimes that arm folds back onto itself, posing as an underage girl's vagina, in order to trap and incriminate an internet predator.

Though figures like Hunter Moore and cesspools like Anon-IB have seized a large share of attention in the "revenge porn" world, remains a force. The site isn't explicitly dedicated to publishing stolen nudes a la, but it's certainly as noxious. Across message boards, chat rooms, and vast, categorized pages, Motherless' swarm of fans share lifted pictures of ex-girlfriends, classmates, or just plain strangers—many of them underage. From there, the pictures drift across the web, often accompanied by names or other personally identifying information tagged to the victim, while the site itself operates with relative impunity.

But court documents show that one Motherless user, a South Dakotan by the name of Casey Godfrey, is facing federal indictments after sending pictures of his dick to someone he thought was a teen girl. And it happened because the man—who by some act of God selected "Boneman" as his username—thought the guy's arm was a little girl's vagina.

The arm/vagina prank is older than the internet, but it's never been so easy to dupe your friends (or enemies) as in the age of ubiquitous photography and data transfer—this Reddit thread chronicles one notable male meat illusion.

The plot to take down Boneman hinged on a similar ruse. Written testimony by Jonathan Kirk, an officer with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, describes baiting Godfrey (all emphasis added):

On 01-16-14 Special Agent Brent Gromer received a telephone call from Sgt. Eric Jones, Nebraska State Patrol. Sgt. Jones advised S/A Gromer that his agency was currently investigating an individual who stated that he worked as a custodian at a Rapid City Elementary School. Sgt. Jones advised S/A Gromer that Trooper Monty Lovelace had been conducting undercover chats on and via other electronic methods with this individual posing as a 14 year old girl.

On 01-16-14 S/A Gromer spoke with Trp. Lovelace who relayed the same information about his contacts with the unknown individual. Trp. Lovelace advised that during his undercover chat with this individual the person told him that he worked as a custodian at a local Rapid City School. The chats originally began on utilizing user ID "Boneman." Eventually Trp. Lovelace chatted with the individual on Yahoo instant messenger via The individual also informed Trp. Lovelace that he "really liked" a teacher at the school and provided the name "Averie". He stated he also really likes an 11 year old student at the school named "Patience".

The Boneman cometh. Godfrey made it very clear what he was after on Motherless:

On 01-16-14, Trp. Lovelace forwarded copies of his undercover chat to S/A Gromer and I. Trp. Lovelace was using an undercover identity and Godfrey was using the screen name "boneman". I reviewed those chats. I noticed the undercover agent told Godfrey they were 14 years old. I also found Godfrey had requested pictures mUltiple times from the undercover agent. Godfrey specifically asked for "other" pictures on 01-15-14 at 08:24:04 AM. Godfrey then asked for "naughty ones" after that. At 08:43: 11 AM, on 01-15-14, Godfrey sends the following message: "you show me yours, I'll show you mine when you get out of school".

People actually say that! In the world! Wow. In case it's not clear by now, Godfrey truly is the kind of creep you're warned about on local news segments:

Individual also informed Trp. Lovelace that he "really liked" a teacher at the school and provided the name "Averie". He stated he also really likes an 11 year old student at the school named "Patience".


Godfrey's "Boneman" site bio on lists his interests as "Yng/vry yng, family, panties, pissing/squirting, voyeur, jb (jailbait), tribbing (multiple females engaging in mutual, simultaneous, genitalia rubbing) ... love it all. Have done stuff to trade to trade, msg me with your email. Also world (sic) LOVE to meet people in the N/W South Dakota, N/E Wyoming area ... love making new friends :)."

In this case, the new friend was supposed to be an underage teen girl. Officer Kirk was ready to spring his trap. He just needed a piece of evidence that could pin Internet Monster Godfrey to School Janitor Godfrey. If there were some way he could get Godfrey to reveal himself, in intimate detail. Kirk knew the rules: show me yours, and I'll show you mine:

During their conversation, the undercover sent a picture of a fold in the skin of his arm to Godfrey. The undercover portrayed it as a picture of their vagina. Godfrey later sent the undercover a picture of an adult male's penis. A white ring can be seen on the subject's hand, which is holding onto the penis. Godfrey claims the picture is of his penis.

When approached by cops shortly after this non-vagina pic swap, Godfrey was wearing the same white wedding ring. Godfrey is now facing federal charges of "attempted enticement of a minor using the Internet and attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor." The lesson here is to never try to seduce an underage teenage girl if you are not also an underage teen and always double-check crotch-shots for authenticity.