After years of emoji that only sort of vaguely resemble white people, Apple is giving the world a rainbow of emoji that only sort of vaguely resemble humans of all races: Black Santa Claus is ready for your iPhone.

These screenshots are from the newest beta version of iOS 8, which is released early to app developers (or anyone willing to pay $100 for a developer account).

The updated set will allow you to tap and hold on a given facemoji, where you can select from six skin tones along the Fitzpatrick Scale:

I'm not sure what the hell is going on with that sickly emoji on the left who has jaundice, but it's a relief to see brown faces alongside the usual Caucasian variety, especially since black mobile users have been ignored as early tech adopters (and emoji vanguards) since the birth of mobile. At last, smartphone owners around the world can stop relying on the poor, overworked "turban guy" emoji.

If you can't wait until March, when iOS 8.3 is expected to drop, there are a number of seedy services that will let non-developers access the update early. But is a non-white thumbs up worth bricking your phone over? Probably, but please don't blame me if it happens, I am not a Santa of any race and cannot replace your iPhone.