There have been a lot of End-of-Days-to-be over the years. Y2K. Wayne Bent’s Day of Judgement. The Mayan Apocalypse. The Blood Moon Prophecy. All of which have come and gone without leaving Earth the smoldering pile of rubble we’re so often promised. But now, finally, eBible Fellowship is here to tell us why with a friendly FAQ on why we’re all still alive.

The group actually first said the world would be ending on May 21, 2011, but when the heavens declined to rain hellfire down on mankind on the appointed day, the Philadelphia-based online church was forced to reschedule. That new date was October 7, 2015—or last Wednesday.

And while it may not have seemed like there was any question in the eBible Fellowship’s mind about the destruction to come (“[The World] will be gone forever. Annihilated,” founder Chris McCann told The Guardian.”), according to the recently posted explanation, apparently that date was more of a strong suggestion than a hard and fast rule:

We believed there was a strong likelihood that God would complete His judgment and bring about the world’s destruction on that day. There was much biblical information pointing to this date and we freely shared it with all. Yet, consistently stressing throughout the entire time period that the world ending on that date was a “strong likelihood.” Since it is now October 8th it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th.

But if we’re still around, does that mean that God is okay with our many, many sins? You bet not!

It should be noted that the world “not” being destroyed on the 7th is in no way some sort of divine justification of the world. According to the Word of God the sentence upon the world has been passed (it is guilty) and the world will certainly pass away as detailed in numerous places in the Bible. E Bible Fellowship was incorrect regarding the specific day of its end, but we were not incorrect concerning the fact that it will one day soon come to an end.

And more importantly—did the eBible Fellowship lie?

No. The fact is that we consistently told people that October 7th, 2015 (being the end of the world) was a strong likelihood. And according to the good amount of biblical evidence at our disposal it was. Therefore saying it was a “strong likelihood” was a true statement. We also openly acknowledged that there was a small likelihood that it would not happen. There was no lie or deceitfulness involved in any way.

Well, that clears that up. You can read more about why you are still alive over on the eBible Fellowship’s no-Apocalypse FAQ page here. And don’t worry, our world should be ending again sometime in the year 2020. Enjoy your five remaining years, sinners.

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