Thanks to Tinder, we can plow through dozens of potential partners at a time while we're eating, or pooping, or riding the bus. The app is mindless and convenient, requiring almost no active engagement with the human-shaped pieces of content it peddles—all you have to do is zone out and start swiping. But for one bold man, all that swiping wasn't quite convenient enough.

On his blog Crockpotveggies, Justin Long describes Tinderbox, a bot he spent three weeks building that uses facial recognition software to determine whether potential matches meet his personal standard of hotness. If Tinderbox does find a match, it will even automate a few conversation starters for him.

"The advantage of this?" Long asks rhetorically. "It removes the time involved in filtering new Tinder matches since a lot of people tend to drop off and 'go dark' early in the process. Extended conversation is a strong indicator of interest." In other words, if they're willing to sit through the bot's canned banter without going away, they must really be interested in him.

To screen Long's dating pool for babeliness, Tinderbox first finds and isolates the faces from profile pictures, then compares them to models created based on people he's already swiped right or left on. If the face looks more like the right-swipers, the person is approved; if they're more of a left-looker, they're out. What could be more romantic than that?

Long says he's already used Tinderbox successfully several times, and that the women he's met are not creeped out, no sirree. Emphasis his:

What do girls think of the bot? I've gone on at least 10 dates with the help of the bot and I've shown my partners the bot in its entirety. One date literally didn't believe me and thought I was pulling her leg. Another person thought it was really cool and wanted the full tour. All were in agreement that it is not creepy, though some felt it was borderline. Kind of nice considering it's not something you'd come across everyday.

Maybe they're a little creeped out.

Nowadays, Long isn't using Tinderbox anymore—not because it was weird and dehumanizing, but because "it worked too well and started to conflict with work." If you'd like to try it for yourself, you casanova, you can download it for free here.

[Image via Crockpotveggies]