Earlier today, Daily Pakistan Global stumbled across a Facebook post unlike any we have seen before. It tells the story of Asif, who severed ties with his former best friend, Mudasir, for reasons yet unknown. Despite the tragic, word art-annotated tale of love lost, there remains a light at the end of the tunnel—his new best friend, Salman. The Daily Pakistan’s recounting is perfect in every way, so with their permission, we have reprinted it in full below. And if you have any idea what Mudasir did to scorn Asif so, you can send me an email here. - Ashley Feinberg, Staff Writer

Facebook user from Gujranwala, Asif took to the social networking site on Monday to declare that his friendship with his erstwhile ‘best friend’ Mudasir is over and that he is welcoming a new ‘best friend’ in his life – Salman.

According to the photo shared publicly by Asif Raza, his friendship with Mudasir is officially over. Going into the details of the breakup in the description of the photo, Asif opined that he had to let his former best friend go because “he became very selfish, Proudy, and those who shows me Attitude, I keep them under my Foot…… Huuhhh…….Now SAlman AHmad Naqash is my best friend……Its for information to all.”[sic]

The original post as it appeared on Facebook.

The photo of the public announcement is already going viral and gaining a lot of attention on Facebook. It has been shared more than 100 times and is getting a steady stream of comments, many from concerned mutual friends and helpful strangers.

One Facebook user Muhammad Arsalan Cheema offered his advice on the matter, “Chalo Asif Raza Rana yar galti tu insanoo sy hi hoti hy agar #Mudasir samajta hy k galti uss sy ki hy tu ap usy dosti kar lena…
Baki jo Allah ko manzoor hy……” (Asif Raza people make mistakes, if Mudasir thinks he has made a mistake then you should be friends with him again.)

Translation from top to bottom:

Mudasir Ismail Ahmed: Mistake my foot, it is not my job to coach him [or fix him up].

Muhammad Arsalan Cheema [name written in arabic script]: Let it go guys, for how long can you stay mad at each other, 3 -4 days max? you’ll see...

Adeel Meer: Mudasir, stop being angry now.

Asif Raza Rana: Mudasir, you don’t know how to be a friend. If you think friendship is a toy then you will get a toy in return, now go away.

Notably missing from the conversation is Salman, the new best friend. While most of the people in the comments suggest staying friends with Mudasir on humanitarian grounds, Asif remains adamant about his decision.

Mudasir and Salman were not available for comments at the time of the filing of the story.

This piece has been republished with permission from Waqas Ahmed.

Image via Facebook.