Dan Bilzerian, trust fund manchild and 21st century social media luxury icon, has made a pseudo-career for himself through stunning Instagram displays of fast living and risk taking. But it's not just for show: according to a new GQ profile, his house is filled with deadly weapons in every room.

Embodying every preteen boy's Call of Duty masculine ideal means constantly posing with giant firearms (and breasts). But they aren't just props (the guns, at least):

If anything is going to kill Dan Bilzerian, however, those who've spent time with him say that it almost certainly won't be a blocked artery. "There are guns lying around casually in literally every room in his house," as Jonathan Grotenstein, a poker player and senior All In magazine contributor, tells GQ. "Before you walk in, his security guard takes you aside and warns you not to touch them, because they're all chambered and loaded. You look at the guns, and you look at all these women coming and going... and it's hard not to wonder how it's all going to end."

Given that Bilzerian is often seen swigging vodka bottles and spends half his conscious life at various Las Vegas clubs, the idea of a booze-soaked bloodbath back at the bachelor pad isn't that far fetched. Just think about how much bodily harm he's caused without a weapon.