The Minions movie spent a whopping $593 million on an unprecedented, practically inescapable, wildly successful marketing campaign, translating into huge profits for Universal. And, of course, for extremist militant group ISIS.

Consider, if you will, the fact that minions, by their own admission, exist almost entirely to serve the most evil leader possible. Now consider the fact that ISIS is perhaps the most evil entity currently in existence. Would it not then make sense that the minions would find themselves inextricably drawn to the exciting yet insurmountably evil world of jihadi terrorism?

As the videos below show, it does in fact make sense that the minions are part of ISIS. Please allow me to present, the Minions of the Islamic State:

According to friend of Gawker Kholoud Youssef, the Arabic found in the first video translates to: “The Islamic State is nice but naughty.” While the second reads: “Record my martyrdom.”

And in case you were still questioning these motives of these particularly militant minions, the YouTube account also commented on a video of fundamentalist Islamic leader Hazem Abu Ismail with (what is translated as): “Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest) May Allah free you O Sheikh, and keep you away from the route of blasphemous democracy; May no harm happen to you O dear one.”

Minions, now playing in an extremist militant faction near you.

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