Seven Transcendentally Boring Videos Exhumed from the YouTube Crypt

Andy Cush · 05/15/15 04:39PM

In YouTube, anyone with an internet connection, a camera, and an idea has a potentially enormous platform for expressing themselves to the world. Consequently, most YouTube videos—like most ideas—are boring and bad. But for the long and monotonous videos below, tedium is a virtue. Like paintings by Rothko or music by Steve Reich, these YouTubes are boring and good—transcendentally, addictively, narcotically good.

Lost YouTube: 7 Videos From the Internet's Weirdest, Darkest Depths

Ashley Feinberg · 04/24/15 04:27PM

YouTube is, for the most part, the place where everything Right and Good goes to die. But move those lifeless cat and listicle corpses aside, and you’ll find a dark, fascinating world that’s all too easy to get lost in for hours. So instead of losing part of your own life to YouTube’s depths, we’ve brought the underbelly to you.

This Viral Facebook Video About Mental Health Is Scientology Propaganda

Andy Cush · 04/16/15 01:28PM

Has this magnificently corny PSA graced your Facebook newsfeed lately? Inspirational rock music. Dejected kids pulling stickers from their shirts, revealing words like "revolutionary" and "healer" underneath. A title card: "Stop psychiatric labeling of kids." You've got the Church of Scientology to thank.

A Bot Bought MDMA off the Internet and Got Away With It

Andy Cush · 04/15/15 11:08PM

Right now, if you wanted to, you could log onto the internet, order a bunch of drugs, and have them delivered to your doorstep. There's none of the awkwardness of dealing with your shady, coked-out bartender, but all of the legal risk: If the cops found out, you'd still go to court. Not so for Random Darknet Shopper.

The Doomed Visionary Who Made Feminist Games 19 Years Before Gamergate

Andy Cush · 04/15/15 08:35AM

Here are a few computer games that were marketed to girls in the 90s and early 2000s: Barbie as Princess Bride, in which the titular doll sits around “waiting for her future husband to come home” according to one reviewer; Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse, a game about a dollhouse; and Chop Suey, featuring snake charmers and “turtle boys” and narration by David Sedaris. Which one would you like to play?

I Interrupted Anime Twitter Cybersex Roleplay as Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

Stefan Heck · 03/28/15 10:13AM

Some people role play to escape the dreariness of their day-to-day lives. Some people role play to bring back childhood memories. Some people role play to explore fantastical worlds of their own creation. I role play because I want to know the answer to the question “What if powerful and intimidating Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer interrupted anime demons having cybersex on Twitter?”

The Nine Best Hoaxes to Have Hit Wikipedia

Andy Cush · 03/26/15 01:04PM

Snappy & Friends, a short animated show sponsored by Kellog's Rice Krispies, first aired sometime in 1949. In 1968, a visionary toy scientist named Alex Cartwright created an artificially intelligent robotic arm that could play full games of Stratego, Battleship, and Candyland, to the delight and vague unsettlement of its opponents. One of the defining rock bands of the hippie era was Digital Lady, an acoustic-guitar-and-kitchen-utensils ensemble that featured the brother of Richard Nixon's press secretary on percussion.


Andy Cush · 03/13/15 05:17PM

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