Over the weekend, Reddit’s users had themselves a fit, shutting down almost all of the major subreddits and likening the site’s interim CEO, Ellen Pao, to as many genocidal dictators as they could manage. Now, Pao has come to the message board on bended knee to offer up a mea culpa of her own. And it’s a bad one.

Pao starts off by admitting Reddit administrators been generally awful at listening to users’ complaints. This is something she already admitted over the weekend. Now, apparently, she’s adding “three concrete steps” to the mix.

Except that “concrete” is a misnomer. They’re more like wet cement steps, laid on a hot, rainy day. The first of the three promises Pao makes is that Reddit administrators will try to figure out some better tools to make, and then make them. The second is to appoint a Reddit employee to be “Moderator Advocate,” so she can maybe try to figure out a way to make things better. And the third, at least, is giving the users something they’ve been asking for—reverting to the old search option.

Some redditors were actually at least mildly receptive to her attempt to apologize on her own platform and attempted to engage her in mature, healthy debate.

While others did this.

Everyone copes in their own way.

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