Over the course of the past few years, the Benghazi “scandal” has evolved from tragedy to right-wing conspiracy theory to internet sensation to even more insane right-wing conspiracy theory, and everywhere in between. But nowhere has the Benghazi phenomenon been quite so prolific (and profitable) as it has on one of the internet’s most unlikely corners: The world of online custom apparel.

The most fascinating thing about it, though, is that it’s not just Benghazi. Go to CafePress or Zazzle and search for 9/11 truth, anti-vax, global warming hoax, or even just “Hillary,” and you will find a trove of insane, bizarre, and very poorly planned shirts, blankets, mugs, and thongs—all available for purchase straight to your door.

It can be a lot to sort through, so allow us to help. Here’s some of the best conspiracy theory custom apparel the internet has to offer.

4 Dead in Ben-gha-zi Classic Thong

Price: $12.99 (was $16.99)

Are you finally about to “make it” with that special someone? You can “make it” even more special with the reminder of the four Americans who were brutally slaughtered thanks to Obama’s lies. [Made in the USA.]

FlourideDangerWhiteBG Throw Pillow

Price: $24.50

The only pillow you really need is the cold, hard, hypoallergenic polyblend called Truth.

Remember Benghazi Dead Body Suit

Price: $19.99

You see, it’s cute because your baby is not.

Thesunstupid Twin Duvet

Price: $115.99 (was $128.00)

For when you’re tired of sleeping in a bed of lies.

Hillary Benghazi Clinton Notebook

Price: $14.95

Is your child having trouble making friends at school? They will now!

Never Forget Benghazi Blanket Wrap

Price: $34.50

Just because you’ve woken up doesn’t mean you can’t stay warm like the rest of the sleeping herds of sheep.

Throw Blanket

Price: $48.99 (was $58.50)

Please meet our current GOP frontrunner for President of the United States...

Remember Benghazi Dog T-Shirt

Price: $19.99 (was $24.50)

...and his running mate

Chemtrails Earring

Price: $22.50

For when you want to show her that you care (about the corporate government Jews’ chemically induced geoengineering mind control).

Wake Up! 9/11 Inside Job Wall Clock

Price: $24.99 (was $29.50)

It’s always 9/11 o’clock somewhere (specifically wherever you put this tasteful clock).

Obama Muslim Shower Curtain

Price: $53.99 (was $59.99)

For when you’re craving a good, old fashioned cleansing (of sweat and other irritants).

It’s Payback Time ISIS! Footed Pajamas

$67.99 (was $74.50)

Don’t sleep too soundly—ISIS is coming.

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