4Chan Gets Highly Sensitive Spy Report, Dismisses It as "Fake and Gay"

Ashley Feinberg · 08/06/15 03:07PM

Shockingly, 4chan—the cherished home of aspiring internet vigilantes and/or racist piles of garbage everywhere—isn’t quite as cunning as it might have you believe. When a whistleblower published a highly sensitive (and highly legitimate) report from an Australian spy agency to its profanity-laden forums, 4chan users didn’t waste any time in analyzing the potential goldmine at their fingertips: “Fake and gay.”

The Man Who Singlehandedly Made 4chan Is Finally Quitting

Sam Biddle · 01/21/15 11:50AM

Eleven years ago, it was difficult to inadvertently look at child pornography, a woman's corpse, or a detailed cartoon of Dragon Ball Z characters sucking each other off. Today all of those things are within reach thanks to 4chan, the anarchic id of the internet—and its creator and sole proprietor, Chris "Moot" Poole. Now he's calling it quits.