Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Are in Love With Fall’s Hottest Benghazi Apparel

Ashley Feinberg · 09/03/15 10:12AM

Over the course of the past few years, the Benghazi “scandal” has evolved from tragedy to right-wing conspiracy theory to internet sensation to even more insane right-wing conspiracy theory, and everywhere in between. But nowhere has the Benghazi phenomenon been quite so prolific (and profitable) as it has on one of the internet’s most unlikely corners: The world of online custom apparel.

Max Read · 03/25/14 07:31AM

"Arcangel Surfware products consist of everything one needs to 'chill' in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort: sweat pants, sweat shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers, iPad® and iPhone® covers, magazines, and music."