The Doomed Visionary Who Made Feminist Games 19 Years Before Gamergate

Andy Cush · 04/15/15 08:35AM

Here are a few computer games that were marketed to girls in the 90s and early 2000s: Barbie as Princess Bride, in which the titular doll sits around “waiting for her future husband to come home” according to one reviewer; Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse, a game about a dollhouse; and Chop Suey, featuring snake charmers and “turtle boys” and narration by David Sedaris. Which one would you like to play?

Psychopath Who Harassed Brianna Wu: Just Kidding!

Sam Biddle · 02/24/15 02:35PM

Earlier this month we wrote about "Jace Connors," a seemingly deranged violent Gamergate obsessive who filmed himself kicking a wrecked car and claiming he'd been planning to attack the game developer and writer Brianna Wu. At the time, we believed that "Connors" was terrorizing Wu out of a sincere belief in the Gamergate myth that Wu was harming "gamer culture." Now, he claims he was terrorizing Wu...for "satire."

The Psychopaths of GamerGate Are All That's Left, and They're Terrifying

Sam Biddle · 02/02/15 02:25PM

Game developer Brianna Wu has been stalked, tormented, and harassed by GamerGate—the amorphous reactionary movement centered around video game journalism—for months now. But it's never been as frightening as it was this weekend—when she watched a terrifying video made by a deranged fanatic who claims he crashed his car on the way to her home. "I'm worried my husband and I are going to die," she tells me.

The Gamergate Decision Shows Exactly What's Broken About Wikipedia

Andy Cush · 01/30/15 03:23PM

This week, Wikipedia's highest governing body finalized its decision regarding the Gamergate encyclopedia page—the subject of a fight nearly as intense and long-running as Gamergate itself. Despite the organization's repeated insistence that it is not taking sides in the conflict, it ruled to punish five editors who were specifically targeted by a coordinated Gamergate attack.