Now the Taylor Swift Hacker Is Texting Rape Threats to Lily Allen

Jay Hathaway · 02/13/15 11:45AM

The hacker who broke into Taylor Swift's social media accounts now seems to be targeting her celebrity friends—or her celebrity fans, anyway. British pop singer Lily Allen Instagrammed a text message Thursday night from someone threatening to "hack u and kidnap u then rape ur gaping body," with the caption "Cool iMessage from some kid that got my number from hacking Taylor Swift's Twitter."

Russians Hacked Sony, and They're Still Inside: Report

Sam Biddle · 02/05/15 11:57AM

Despite a lack of compelling evidence, the world has mostly assumed that villainous North Koreans broke into Sony last year, causing one of the biggest digital meltdowns of all time. But many experts remain skeptical, including one veteran hacker who says he's positive the Russians did it.