4Chan Gets Highly Sensitive Spy Report, Dismisses It as "Fake and Gay"

Ashley Feinberg · 08/06/15 03:07PM

Shockingly, 4chan—the cherished home of aspiring internet vigilantes and/or racist piles of garbage everywhere—isn’t quite as cunning as it might have you believe. When a whistleblower published a highly sensitive (and highly legitimate) report from an Australian spy agency to its profanity-laden forums, 4chan users didn’t waste any time in analyzing the potential goldmine at their fingertips: “Fake and gay.”

Minions Love ISIS

Ashley Feinberg · 07/14/15 11:52AM

The Minions movie spent a whopping $593 million on an unprecedented, practically inescapable, wildly successful marketing campaign, translating into huge profits for Universal. And, of course, for extremist militant group ISIS.

"My Poor Toilet Bowl!!!!": Piping Hot Amazon Reviews of Laxative Tea

Ashley Feinberg · 06/21/15 10:56PM

Everybody may poop, but there’s one, extra special corner of Amazon where everybody doesn’t just poop—they poop like goddamn clockwork. And they’re more than happy to share their shadooby-stained tales of nature’s call. A call they owe entirely to the laxative tea that they bought for their—uh, wives. Sure, yes. Their wives.

Nine Bizarre Videos From YouTube's Insane Conspiracy Theorists

Ashley Feinberg · 06/12/15 03:40PM

YouTube, in addition to being a renowned cesspool of virulently racist and misspelled comments, hosts videos. Many of these videos seek to shed light on the many secrets that the sheeple of the world would keep locked behind closed doors. And almost every single one of them is absolutely, phenomenally, mind-numbingly insane.

Lost YouTube: 7 Videos From the Internet's Weirdest, Darkest Depths

Ashley Feinberg · 04/24/15 04:27PM

YouTube is, for the most part, the place where everything Right and Good goes to die. But move those lifeless cat and listicle corpses aside, and you’ll find a dark, fascinating world that’s all too easy to get lost in for hours. So instead of losing part of your own life to YouTube’s depths, we’ve brought the underbelly to you.


Andy Cush · 03/13/15 05:17PM

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