Was Russia's Propaganda Troll Army Behind This New York Photo Exhibit?

Andy Cush · 06/02/15 11:01AM

The Kremlin’s network of professional propaganda-spewing internet trolls is large. According to one former insider, there are thousands of Russians who work full-time jobs publishing social media updates, internet comments, and blog posts specifically designed to foment hatred for the U.S. and support for the Russian government. And their trolling may not be limited to the web, or to Russian soil.

Russians Hacked Sony, and They're Still Inside: Report

Sam Biddle · 02/05/15 11:57AM

Despite a lack of compelling evidence, the world has mostly assumed that villainous North Koreans broke into Sony last year, causing one of the biggest digital meltdowns of all time. But many experts remain skeptical, including one veteran hacker who says he's positive the Russians did it.