The Beautiful Buffoonery of Craigslist Personal Ads

Andy Cush · 06/22/15 02:30PM

Let’s say you’re a straight woman who just moved to New York. You’d like to meet a guy, but your friend circle is too small for set you up; you hate the bar scene; and you can’t seem to get a match on Tinder. In your dark night of the soul, searching for any connection at all, you turn to the Craigslist personals. Among the first posts you come across is from a self-described 27-year-old “single guy with no kids, living and working in the city.” It is headlined: “GOT BOOBS?”

Why Are Young Men Masturbating to Pudding-Filled Sneakers?

Andy Cush · 01/29/15 10:21AM

Here's all you need to participate in the web's sloppiest shoe fetish: Your own two feet, a phone with a camera, a fresh pair of Nikes (though anything will do in a pinch), and a few snack packs of messy, gloppy, sexy pudding. Are you ready?