Ever looked God straight in the eye? Here's the next best thing: the fellow who claims to have broken into Tayla Swift's Twitter account is tweeting what he claims are screenshots of her DMs with the stars. Take a look—just one peek.

Ms. Swift is back in control of her Twitter account, and there's no way to certify these screenshots as authentic. But scheduling a card game with Nick Jonas ("Are we bad kids now?") and making corny-flirty whale puns with musician BØRNS is pretty plausible as far as what we'd all guess she's saying in private. Swiftie also appears to be pals with geeky YouTube phenom PewDiePie, with whom she exchanges a new year's salutation like the cool-but-down-to-earth protagonist of a Disney Channel original movie.

It looks like there could be more, too:

You're all whalecome.