If you’re brave or masochistic enough to willingly drown yourself in tabs, here’s Favicon Poetry, a Chrome extension that lets you send messages of internet-induced despair (and other stuff too, I suppose) using websites with single-letter logos.

The extension, created by Maddy Varner at the Free Art and Technology Lab, generates a new Chrome window with a series of tabs that spell out whatever text you enter into its interface. Varner writes:

let’s face it, we lost! the internet is no longer a wild frontier full of delicious possibility and now just a series of corporate websites. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

here’s a chrome extension that lets you easily make sentences/words/whatever using the little website icons that show up on your tabs. perfect for your screenshot needs. hell yeh

A series of corporate websites like Gawker.com, which proudly lends its G. Get the extension here.

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