Alec Monopoly, pseudonymous American graffiti pop artist, sells dumb art to foolish people for large sums. Good for him—he's got a great scam going. But he's also operating one of the most obnoxious Instagram accounts on this side of Dan Bilzerian, turning him into a rising app celebrity and member of the shithead vanguard.

In a recent article, Empty Lighthouse Magazine puts it simply: Alec Monopoly is "the Dan Bilzerian of the art world." This is an interesting idea because it takes the concept of Dan Bilzerian (playboy manchild who spends his days staring at breasts and firing assault rifles) and introduces it to an even more noxious world (art).

Monopoly doesn't share Bilzerian's 2nd Amendment obsession, but he has his own gimmicks: he almost always covers the bottom half of his face, or appears masked. He also wears a top hat, like a Monopoly piece or a Steampunk pick-up artist.

Wow look at this art:

Here's Alec standing on top of a Ferrari, as if to say "I am significant and successful enough in the contemporary art space enough to use an expensive car as shoes":

And again:

If you had to guess if this guy is good friend with Scott Disick, what would your guess be?

You were right, buddy. According to the Wall Street Journal, Monopoly unloaded this painting of fictional psychopath Patrick Bateman to real-life-bad-person and art collector Avery Andon for $25,000:

That's not Banksy or Damien Hirst money, but it's still a lot for something that would otherwise belong on the wall of an NYU dorm.

Brian Edelman, chief executive at Rain, a digital-advertising agency, commissioned Alec Monopoly to paint a graffiti-inspired game board onto his kitchen counter and to spray-paint Monopoly Man onto a pocket door in his loft in New York's West Village. Mr. Edelman, 32, says he is a friend of the artist and received a discount for the work. Mr. Andon estimates the projects would retail for about $35,000.

That money goes towards vignettes like this:

Alec Monopoly has more than 200,000 Instagram followers. Art is dead.