Exactly a month ago to the day, our fragile world was rocked when a Facebook user from the Gujranwala District in Pakistan announced that he was severing ties with his then-former best friend Mudasir in favor of new best friend Salman. Today, however, people from all corners of the globe can breathe easy—Asif and Mudasir are friends once more.

After the original post announcing the split (seen below) picked up steam on the internet, Asif appears to have coped with his sudden internet fame by creating his own celebrity Facebook page, Prince Asif Raza Rana (Official).

The original friendship-disbanding post.

Asif’s latest announcement on the renewed friendship from his official Facebook page.

Though as Asif must surely know, fame and fans are poor substitutes to the life-affirming warmth and fulfillment that only a true, lasting friendship can provide. And according to today’s announcement, not only has he reconciled with the previously denounced Mudasir, but the two reunited friends have even formed something of a best friend triumvirate with Mudasir’s temporary replacement, Salman.

Salman, for his part, is taking the sudden position reversal in stride.

Mudasir commented on the announcement post, confirming what might have once seemed too good to be true to fans of the original duo.

He even took to his own Facebook page to confirm the renewed friendship independently, though with significantly less word art.

As for the previous accusations against Mudasir (and presumably the sole reason for the original split), which saw Asif claiming that “he became very selfish, Proudy, and those who shows me Attitude, I keep them under my Foot…… Huuhhh…….Now SAlman AHmad Naqash is my best friend……Its for information to all,” Mudasir had this to say:

We’ve reached out to both Mudasir and Asif for comment on their renewed friendship, and will update when and if we hear back.

Update 10/17, 11:30 A.M.:

Speaking over Facebook, Asif has provided Gawker with an official comment on the nature of his once-disbanded friendship and their ultimate reunion:

I am friend to all world who would be friend to me. I left friendship with Mudasir because of his attitude and arrogant but Asif Raza Rana is NEVER proudy or attitude to for give old friend Mudasir because who is no longer attitude person and has good attitude now. So I regain frenship with he. I have made many many friends across whole world who believe in anti proudyness and real true friendship! Thank you!

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