Remember planking? Remember how tired and unfunny it got in such a short amount of time? Thanks to Vice co-founder and anthropomorphized subreddit Gavin McInnes, the terrible internet trend of our past is back. And this time, it’s here to speak out against the atrocious shaming and reverse racism currently oppressing the country’s white males. Or something.

Meet the #TakeUsDown campaign, which combines a lot of objectively terrible ideas, confuses them into something worse, and rolls them all back together into one, grotesque digital abomination of a hashtag (there is no other kind). Basically, the hashtag only exists thanks to a video McInnes made, in which he attempts to satirize all those self-loathing white men fighting for the removal of the Confederate flag.

From the video:

We need to do more than just take down a flag. We need to stand up and recognize the inherent privilege that comes from being white. Please join me by posting pics of yourself taken down.

So, to show all those people who don’t believe that a symbol of a failed confederacy based on slavery should be allowed to fly atop government buildings who’s boss, McInnes asks that all the young gentlemen of the internet wave their butts in the air. You know, like men.

The ways in which these Twitter users pretend to shame themselves vary in degree and absurdity, but they all carry the same smug self-satisfaction that you can only get from mocking the already marginalized. And they also all come with the added bonus of very clearly identifying some of the worst people on the internet. Like so.

This should be illegal.

While we’re at it, this, too.

But it wasn’t all for naught.

Because, if nothing else, at least these two people found each other.

Ah—to be a young, virulent racist in love.

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