Navigate to 33°30’52.5”N 73°03’33.2”E in Google Maps this morning—a rural area south of Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan—and you’ll find an oddly shaped park. Just like Calvin pees on the Chevy logo on the backs of countless Ford trucks, there’s Google’s Android logo taking a leak on Apple. Who put it there?

Given the two tech giants’ long rivalry, you might think it was an easter egg planted by Google itself. But a sleuth on the Hacker News forum traced the vandalism to the company’s Map Maker program, which allows anyone to edit maps in hopes that crowdsourced intelligence will make them more comprehensive and accurate. It also leaves Google wide open to vandalism and trolling.

The vandal is a Map Maker user named nitricboy, who completed the urination scene about 18 hours ago. A Google rep told Business Insider that it plans the peeing android, but Nitricboy’s edit history reveals a short history of adding brand logos to maps, all of which are still in place as of about noon today. Near Lahore, also in Punjab, there’s a pond shaped like a Skype logo.

And inside an Islamabad hospital, there’s Pepsi.

There’s a happy face park.

And in a forest near the pissing Android, some conspicuously shaped clearings take aim at Google itself. Given the proximity it might be Nitricboy’s work, but I haven’t found it in Nitricboy’s history.

Nitricboy, whoever you are: If you’re going to the trouble of creatively vandalizing a platform used by countless people all over the world, why not do something a little more subversive than free marketing for a bunch of immensely wealthy brands?

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