As you're sitting there in a poorly lit office in front of your MacBook Air screen, perpetually hopscotching from one text-filled vessel for banner advertising to the next, absorbing the media, so is ContentBot. As you're socially sharing the most compelling images, videos, and personal essays that you find, in service of furthering your personal brand, so is ContentBot.

ContentBot—developed by the artist Alex Taylor—is just like you, in that it is boring, and dark, and spends all its time surfing the internet, occasionally clicking its mouse. ContentBot is also like you in that it occasionally reads Gawker.

Here's how Taylor describes it:

Contentbot is a relentless virtual player in the attention economy, seeking out Hot New Content to engage with & share on a 24/7 basis. Meaningful tweets are occasionally constructed via rudimentary sentiment analysis.

ContentBot is all of us. Follow it on Twitter.

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